Tiki Time General Info and Guidelines

We strive to keep our home a clean and pleasant atmosphere for you to vacation in. By following these rules and guidelines you will make your stay here, as well as future tenant’s stays more enjoyable! Please make sure all occupants are familiar and comply with these rules and guidelines.

Check-in time is 4 PM (but not before cleaning and inspection are completed) no early check-ins unless previously arranged with the owner – Time is needed to clean the house prior to your arrival. Fees will apply.

Check out time is 10 AM – no late check-outs unless previously arranged with the owner – The cleaning services start early! There is a $100 fee applied if you are still there when the cleaning crew arrives.

Phone - There is no house phone. Please bring a cell phone and let us know the number in case we have to reach you. You can reach us at (540) 230-0330 or (540) 808-9086.

Smoking -This is a non-smoking home. Please restrict your smoking to outside at ground level only (not on decks) and place your smoking debris in the outdoor cigarette receptacle only – do not throw out into the yard. A $100 fee applies for violations.  

Pets - are not permitted in the house or anywhere on the grounds. If you violate this rule, you will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given. We love pets but want to keep our beach house and grounds clean and undamaged.

Parking - No motorcycles, boats, trailers, or campers are to be kept on the property. Please park your cars in the driveway only and not on the grass, as there is an irrigation system that could get damaged. If your car leaks oil, please place a piece of foil under the leak. Always lock your car for safety.

Cleaning - There is no daily maid service although an optional mid-week cleaning is available for an extra fee. Departure cleaning will not be done until after check-out time on the date of your departure. Departure cleaning is a standard cleaning; any excessive cleaning required will result in extra cleaning fees.

Soaps, paper and bathroom supplies – are not provided, please plan to bring your own. (paper towel, toilet paper, and hair dryers) Do not use dish soap in the dishwasher, use only detergents made for dishwashers.

Pantry Items – are not provided. Please bring your own spices, etc. The coffee pot is standard basket type.

Laundry – There is a full sized washer and dryer available for your use. Please shake out all sand outside before putting towels, suits etc. in the washer. The sand may clog up the washer. An iron and ironing board is available for your use. Please unplug the iron when finished and keep on the shelf.

Linens – bed linens, kitchen towels, pillows & blankets are provided. Do NOT take any to the beach. You will need to bring your own beach towels and any additional bath towels you may need. Bath towel sets can be rented by the owner. Makeup removal washcloths are provided. Please set on bath counter when you leave.

Pool – There is no lifeguard, swim at your own risk. Please keep a close eye on children. Adult supervision is required at all times when children are in the pool area. There is to be no: diving, running, pushing, rough play around the pool area or in the pool. Please rinse all sand off before entering the pool. Do not use the pool if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The pool is cleaned by a pool cleaning service a couple of times a week, but not every day. Use the pool net if it gets dirty in-between. Keep the gate closed when not in use. No glass is allowed in the pool area. All furnishings must stay on the property. Do not take any to the beach.

House Decks Areas – please only use the decks for sitting in the chairs provided. No climbing or sitting on the rails. No horseplay or pushing or running. Keep all deck furniture on the deck.

Grilling – A grill has been provided for your enjoyment. Clean after use, please. Do not place hot coals in the grass or in the trash cans. Use a liner when you dump cooled coal debris in the trash. Please clean and keep tools in the box on the table.  If the grill and tools are not cleaned, a cleaning fee of $25 will apply.

Ice/Frig – Bagged ice – don’t smash on the floor or the counter. Clear any large ice chunks that may have developed in the ice maker holder, as this can cause the ice maker to stop working. Please allow at least 24 hours to completely cool a frig full of new groceries. There is a thermometer, for the frig, in it or in a drawer please use it to monitor if you are concerned. Minimize opening the door to give the frig the chance to cool things down. Make sure nothing is blocking the vents inside.

Owner Closets – There are two owner storage areas not included in your rental. 1 closet inside (the kitchen closet), as well as a shed under the house, are labeled as such. Entering or taking anything from these areas is considered theft, please keep out whether locked or not.

Golf Cart – is available for rent, contact us. Please keep off, if not renting. It is the personal property of the owner and is not included in rental unless paid for.

Pool and Beach Toys – are available for your use. Lose or break one? Please replace it for the next guests’ use. While we provide them, we cannot guarantee the state that the previous guest left them in. We hope that they and you would be considerate and would follow the “lose/break/replace” policy.

Furnishings – Please do not move house furniture. If you spill food or drinks on them please blot off with a clean damp towel. The same goes for the carpeting – spot remover is provided for carpet only – do not use any other product and do not use the furniture. We ask that you not carry food or drinks onto the carpeted areas. Stains will result in a damages charge.

Internet usage – wireless internet is provided. The passkey is “215tikitime”. If not working, please try re-powering the modem and the router – do not press any reset buttons as that will erase all settings. Call us if that doesn’t work.

Playstation – Please supervise children’s usage. Make sure all games and the guitar are kept in original cases. Damage/loss policy applies.

Toilet Stoppage – Please do not put diapers, feminine products or heavy toilet paper or paper towel in the commode. If a toilet clogs, we have provided a plunger in the laundry room. Please clean it and put it back in the laundry room when finished using it. If you notice any drains draining slowly, or a toilet that will not plunge easily or runs over, immediately notify us!

Thermostats –Please help us keep energy costs down by keeping temps within a reasonable range. A/C not less than 72; heat not more than 76. For safety reasons, the thermostats notify us of extreme temperature settings. An excessive utility charge may apply if temps are regularly kept outside that range. If you are truly uncomfortable in that range, please contact me. Do not open the windows or leave deck doors open when the air conditioner or heat is on! You will be responsible for any damage done to the system and you may incur an excessive utility charge. Always close the glass door behind you on the decks as there are no screens so creatures are free to enter!

Noise – No loud music, yelling or other loud sounds, especially after 10 pm. Please be considerate of the neighbors as this is a family rental area.

Trash –Use trash bag liners to help keep the inside of trash cans clean. Large Trash & Recycling receptacles are located under the house. The Summer service needs no rollout but you must not block them from being rolled out by the trash service. The trash is picked up 3 times a week – Mon, Thurs, Sat - May thru Sept. But only once a week on Saturdays, Oct thru April. Recycling is picked up on Fridays year round.



Lots of rules – we know, sorry.  But, if each person does their part to keep the house clean and safe, it will be nice when you arrive and when you return next season – which we hope you will! Thank you for your cooperation! If you experience any problems during your visit, please call right away. We strive to make your visit a pleasant one and we want to know if there is anything that will prevent that.