1. The Guest, Guest Name_____________________________, agrees to rent from Ted and Karen Soper, owner of the premises known as “_HouseName________________________”, located at __HouseAddress________________________________________Beach, SC, for the period commencing at 4pm on the day of _CheckInDate_________________________and ending at 10am on the day of__CheckOutDate___________________________.  Under the following terms and conditions, it is understood that the unit will be used as a Family Rental only.  House parties, groups under the age of 21, and pets are not allowed under any circumstances.   Smoking is not permitted in the house or allowed to drift inside from outside.  No campers, trailers, or motorcycles are allowed without prior permission of the owners. Violations may result in immediate eviction, rent forfeiture and possible fines not covered by damage insurance.
  2. Guest agrees to vacate the said premises upon the termination of this agreement at the hour and date shown above. Before vacating, Guest will perform all the items listed on the check-out form. Violations will be charged additional fees.
  3. Guest agrees to pay all charges and fees.  See your online reservation for charges and payment schedules through your online booking provider. Please sign Rental Contract and return with rental payment within 3 days of receipt. ***
  4. In the event Guest fails to pay the balance of the rent when due, the owner shall have the right, without demand or notice, to retain any payment previously made as forfeiture and charge Guest’s credit card the remaining balance due. If the credit card is declined, the reservation will be lost, as well as any previous payment.
  5. This agreement shall not be assigned, nor can the premises be sublet without the written consent of the owner or his agents.
  6. Guest agrees to follow and enforce, for all house occupants, the: Rental Agreement and its Addendums: House Rules and Guidelines, Check-in/Check-out Procedures, Golf Cart Rules, Linen policies where applicable and which are provided separately. 

7.       Guest will maintain this property in the same condition as provided and agree to replace or pay for any loss, breakage, damage, excessive cleaning to the satisfaction of the owner or agents. Any damages or losses not covered by the damage deposit will be the responsibility of the guest and will be paid immediately upon request. It is recommended that Guest takes out accidental damage insurance. Owners are not responsible for damages caused by others that may result in inconveniences. Therefore there will be no relating relocation or refunds relating to inconveniences caused by others.

  1. Pillows, comforters, blankets, sheets, bath towels (if rented) and kitchen towels and kitchenware are provided. All need to be kept in the same condition as received. You will be charged for any that are missing or damaged.
  2. It is expressly understood and agreed that the Guests will hold the owners harmless for any personal injuries or damages or loss to Guest property incurred or sustained on the premises and property. You stay and play at your own risk. Guest agrees to exercise extra caution in the pool and pool area, on the deck areas, and stairways.  All furnishings and equipment provided are maintained to the best of our ability but since we have no control over what guests do or how things are used, we cannot guarantee functionality or safety.  It is the responsibility of the guest to take caution before using anything and to notify us if an item is not functioning properly or appears to be unsafe.
  3. The owner or their agents may enter premises for the purpose of effecting necessary repairs and/or maintenance. Reasonable attempt will be made to give prior notice
  1. Any money paid in advance will not be refunded due to cancellation unless the owners are able to rent to another Guest for the time period of this agreement.  A $100 cancellation charge will be withheld when and if the deposit is refunded. Guest is only eligible for cancellation with a refund if all payments have been made and are on time.
  2. Changes that result in a no-show, or shortened stay, will forfeit the full advance payment.  No refunds or relocation are promised for any reason including vacation interruption due to weather, illness, services, equipment failure, electrical/plumbing issues, or otherwise. This includes hurricane evacuation. It is highly recommended the Guest obtain vacation interruption insurance.
  3. When signed by the Guest and accepted by the owner or his agent, this agreement will constitute a binding rental agreement. Violations may result in immediate eviction and rent forfeiture.

I have read, understand and agree with all terms of the rental agreement and any addendums provided:

Guest Signature: _______________________________________________________Date: ___________(must be 25 years or older and be present during the entire rental period)  

Owner Signature:   ___________________________________________________    Date: ___________

Name:_______________________________________________________________________________________ (Print)



Home:( ___ )  ___-___________  Work:( ___ )  ___-____________    Cell:( ___ )  ___-______________(to reach you at beach)


Email Address: ________________________@____________

Number in group:    Adults _____  Children _____    (Cannot exceed numbers provided without permission)

 *I will pay by (please check one): 

_____ Personal check (preferred method)      or        ______ Credit Card (may incur a processing fee of 2.5%)

All forms of payment are subject to rate conversion and transaction fees for non-US Dollars or foreign banks.

**A valid credit card (no debit card) is necessary for damages and incidentals whether or not you are paying for the rental by credit card: (please update if needed prior to check-in)

Type (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) ____________Card Number_____________________________________________

Expiration Date ____/____ 3 digit security code on back of card _________

Name as it appears on card ____________________________________________________________

Billing Address if different from address listed above: ______________________________________________________________

I authorize the owner to charge my card for rental payment and/or damages, incidentals or losses relating to my stay. If the amount cannot be covered by the credit card, then I agree to pay the owner immediately upon request, using another form of payment.

.  If the amount cannot be covered by the credit card, then I agree to pay the owner immediately upon request, using another form of payment.

________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Cardholder

***Please print, sign and return the contract via fax to 843.619.0224, or scan and email it to:, or mail it to: Karen Soper 1484 Culbertson Ave Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. If mailed, you should notify the owner and payment should be made within three days of receiving the contract in order to reserve your chosen dates.